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Conference Agenda Day 1

08:00 to 09:00

Registration and Refreshments


Opening of the 9th Annual World Takaful Conference

09:00 to 09:05

Moderator’s Opening Remarks

Safder Jaffer
Managing Director & Consulting Actuary - Middle East & Africa

09:05 to 09:20

Inaugural Address: New Visions for Takaful and ReTakaful: Capturing the True Potential of the Islamic Insurance Industry

Inaugural Keynote Speaker:
Abdulla Mohammed Al Awar
Chief Executive Officer
Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre

Key Discussion Points:

  • Positioning Takaful as an integral component of a broader economic strategy
  • Visions for the advancement of Takaful: What must be done by governments, regulators, industry bodies and operators to ensure that the Takaful industry achieves its full potential?
  • Overcoming the key challenges in the drive to mainstream Takaful
  • Expo 2020 and its potential positive impact on the development of the insurance industry in Dubai, the UAE and regionally

09:20 to 10:00

Session 1: International Keynote Plenary:

(09:20 to 09:30)

1a). Assessing the Future Prospects for Takaful: Major Industry Developments and Regulatory Perspectives

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Bassel Hindawi
Member of the Steering Committee, MENA Insurance CEO Club
Former Insurance Commissioner of Jordan

Key Discussion Points:

  • What is the direction of new initiatives in the regulatory environment for insurance in key markets?
  • What can the Takaful regulatory environment learn from these developments?  

(09:30 to 09:45)

1b) The Retakaful Road: The Role of Financial Companies

Keynote Speaker:
Talal Al Zain
Chief Executive Officer
PineBridge Investment Middle East

(09:45 to 10:00)

1c) Global Takaful Success Stories: Propelling the Industry to the Next Level

Keynote Speaker:
Zainudin Ishak
Malaysian Takaful Association

Key Discussion Points:

  • Building a global Takaful brand and the need for the emergence of regional Takaful operators to lead the way to the next level
  • Propelling the industry’s international expansion
  • Insights into successful Takaful businesses: What are the critical success factors?

10:00 to 10:45

Session 2: The Industry Leaders’ Power Debate: Tackling the Tough Issues – Scalability is the Name of the Game: How is the Takaful Industry Faring in Achieving Critical Mass and Scale Vital to the Pursuit of Profitable Growth?

Session Chair:
Irshied Tayeb
Head of Insurance & Reinsurance
Bin Shabib & Associates (BSA) LLP

Keynote Speakers:
Firas El Azem
General Manager
Takaful Re Limited

Shahril Azuar Jimin
Chief Commercial Officer
Etiqa Insurance & Takaful

Gautam Datta
Chief Executive Officer
Al Madina Insurance Company

Walid Jishi
Group Managing Director
Arab Loss Adjusters

Key Discussion Points:

  • Size matters - achieving scalability and re-looking at the viability of industry consolidation and M&A: Are too many operators chasing an insufficient number of risks?
  • Overcoming product and distribution challenges in the Takaful industry
  • Growth and critical mass: The pursuit of GWC growth has been at the expense of profitability in some markets: How have leading players managed the shift to profitability and what are they doing to counteract competitive pressures, downward pricing trends and margin squeeze?
  • Re-energising profitable growth: Gaining market share at the right price and renewing focus on the quality of growth from core products
  • Balancing competitive pressures with the need for risk based pricing
  • Addressing the challenges faced by some of the smaller struggling players

10:45 to 11:15

Opening of the World Takaful Exhibition & Refreshment Break

11:15 to 11:35

Session 3: The Exclusive Onsite Launch of the World Islamic Insurance Directory 2014: Insights into the Performance of the Leading Players in the Global Takaful Industry

Nassib El Barbir
Assistant General Manager – Retakaful
Takaful Re Limited

A reference guide to record the growth and development of Islamic insurance institutions fully revised and updated for 2014.

11:35 to 11:45

Session 4: Strengthening Retakaful Capabilities

Mohamed Hussein El-Dishish
Chief Executive Officer
Emirates Retakaful Limited (Emirates RE)

11:45 to 12:30

Session 5: Interactive Debate: Redefining ReTakaful -  Driving the Shift Towards Risk Sharing and Creating the Conditions for Underwriting Larger, Complex Risks

Session Chair:
Yassir Albaharna
Chief Executive Officer
Arab Insurance Group (Arig)

Dr. Mohamed Rafick Khan Abdul Rahman
Chief Executive Officer
Munich Re Retakaful

Prem Sagar
Chief Executive Officer
ACR ReTakaful MEA B.S.C. (c), Bahrain

S. Farrukh Shah
Chief Executive Officer
GIC Re - Dubai Branch

Fareed Lutfi
Secretary General
Emirates Insurance Association and Gulf Insurance Federation

Rafiq Halani
Director & Chief Executive Officer
Securelink Insurance & Reinsurance Services

Key Discussion Points:

  • What needs to be done to create a better balance between Takaful and ReTakaful players in terms of risk sharing vs risk transfer?
  • A question of scale: Is there sufficient ReTakaful capability to meet the needs of the market on an international basis?
  • How can Takaful and ReTakaful operators be better positioned to underwrite larger and more complex commercial risks? Assessing new initiatives in London to tackle the challenge of finding Shari’ah-compliant coverage for large commercial risks in the international subscription market

12:30 to 13:05

Session 6: Market Growth Engines & Product Innovation: Which Business Lines Will Drive the Next Wave of Exciting Growth?

Amer Daya
Chief Executive Officer
Al Hilal Takaful

Wael Al Sharif
Chief Executive Officer
Takaful Emarat Insurance PSC

Bill Carter
Head of Research and Valuations
Autodata Middle East (ADME)

Key Discussion Points:

  • Product innovation: Creating the next generation of Takaful solutions
  • Aligning product development with market needs to improve penetration: Customer centric solutions vs product push
  • Where are the growth catalysts: Looking beyond mandatory lines for new growth opportunities
  • Assessing the outlook for Medical, General, Family, Motor and other key segments
  • Improving the underwriting process

13:05 to 13:45

Session 7: Reviewing the Shari’ah Framework for Takaful and ReTakaful

Session Chair:
Peter Hodgins
Clyde & Co

Ayman A. Khaleq
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

Srikandi Utami
Vice President and Head of Shariah
PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia

Dr. Muhammad Al-Bashir Muhammad Al-Amine
Group Head - Shari'ah Assurance Dept
Bank AlKhair

Mufti Aziz ur Rehman
Manager – Shariah
Mawarid Group PJSC Dubai

Dr. Azeemuddin Subhani
Shari'ah Scholar and Professor of Islamic Finance
Ajman University of Science & Technology

Key Discussion Points:

  • Towards standardisation and consistency in Shari’ah rulings
  • Balancing Shari’ah governance with industry priorities for innovation and growth
  • Assessing the UAE’s initiative to form a national Shari’ah board
  • Meeting the needs of the rapidly growing global Takaful market
  • Building a new generation of Islamic scholars

13:45 to 13:50

Moderator’s Summation Remarks

13:50 to 15:10

Conference Luncheon

Silvan Said
Chief Executive Officer
Gulf Insurance Institute

15:10 to 15:55

Session 8: Interactive Discussion: Assessing the Emergence of Pension Plans and Defined Contribution Business Opportunities for Takaful

Session Chair:
Sohail Jaffer
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
FWU Global Takaful Solutions

Harun Kapetanovic
Economic Advisor
Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai

Muktisjah Ramli
Co-Founder & Director
Takaful Outsource

Dawood Yousef Taylor
Senior Regional Executive - Takaful, Middle East
Prudential Corporation Asia

This session creates a forum for interactive discussions with industry leaders into how the Takaful industry can position to capitalise on new opportunities in the pension retirement savings market.

15:55 to 16:40

Session 9: Interactive Roundtable Discussion: Financial Performance Improvement for Takaful Operators – Squeezing Further Operational Efficiencies

Session Chair:
Andre Daoud
Chief Business Officer

Adeel Mushtaq
Senior Manager, Insurance Audit and Advisory
KPMG Fakhro

Mahesh Mistry
Director, Analytics
A.M. Best

Key Discussion Points:

  • What further actions can CEOs, CFOs and COOs take in order to boost profitability in the Takaful industry?
  • Sorting out the key numbers: Bringing in line Claims Ratio, Expense Ratio, and Combined Operating Ratio
  • What can be done to strip away legacy start-up costs that many Takaful operators are still burdened with?
  • Current investment results: Do balance sheets really reflect the true health of Takaful businesses given the positive turnaround in the economic landscape?


Close of Day

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